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DJ Sceptic is a Norwegian House, Hip Hop & Drumnbass Producer that started to make music late 1999. With all the weak releases at the time DJ Sceptic worked for producing something a bit different and has made music ever since pushing the envelope for what can be done in a home studio.

Jammit Recordings


Jammit Recordings are looking for new artists who can make electronic music. Don`t hesitate to contact us if you want to remix or just release something on the label. We are always looking for new talent. Please mail us. Label

Feel free to check out my soundcloud profile.



Wolverine EP:

1: Wolverine

2: Wolverine (Edit)

3:Wolverine (Electro Mix)

4: Aurora Borealis



Some Kind of Love EP:

1:Some Kind of Love (Edit)

2: Some Kind of Love (Remix)

3: Some Kind of Love

4: Silence

5: Bloodthorn


Break Of Sound LP:

1: Latin`s the House

2. K-House

3: Feel the Sunshine

4: Discoteque

5: Neural Mindstress

7: Journey to Oslo

8: Eclipsed Moon

9: Noise Spectrum

10. Equinox

11. Duck Beats